Pre-Surgery Guidelines

What to Expect in Your Initial Consultation

If you are considering this procedure, please schedule a free consultation. You can expect your initial exam and consultation to take an hour or more. In your consultation, our expert breast surgeon will:

  • Listen to what you’d like to achieve with your surgery
  • Perform a thorough examination
  • Tell you exactly what he recommends and why
  • Make sure that any questions you have are completely answered

Breast Surgery Preparation

1. Avoid sunbathing for 2 weeks prior to surgery.
2. Stop smoking at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. Nicotine can impair and delay healing.
3. Stop all aspirin-containing products, medications that contains blood thinners (Motrin, Advil etc.), vitamin E and herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery. You can take 1 multivitamin a day.
4. Let the doctor know of all medications you take daily.

1. Surgical tape for your incisions
2. Gauze (if instructed by surgical team). Make sure to have a box of 4×4 gauze. You can purchase this at any drug store.
1. Do not eat anything for 8 hours or drink anything for 6 hours before surgery.
2. You may shower and shampoo your hair the night before or morning of your surgery.
3. You may brush and rinse your teeth, but do not eat or drink anything. Do not wear makeup or moisturizers on your face or eyes.
4. Do not wear jewelry on the day of surgery.
5. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, preferably a button- up or zip-up top.
6. Wear flat, comfortable shoes. Remove contact lenses, dentures and ANY rings before surgery.

Guidelines for Traveling to San Diego

1. You may brush your teeth and shower as you normally do.
2. You may drink water throughout your flight.
3. You MUST take your normally prescribed medication that HAS been discussed with our medical staff.
4. You may drink up to 2 cups of coffee with NO artificial sweeteners, NO cream or cream substitutes – basically only black coffee or unsweetened tea.
5. If you are combining medical procedures, you must wear compression garments in your legs as discussed with our medical staff.
6. You MUST arrive in an 8 hour fast so that we can take your blood sample upon arrival!!
7. If you are feeling extremely light headed during the flight, have a natural juice or something in LIQUID form. We recommend taking a protein shake on-board with you, so that you can prepare on the spot if needed. NO SOLIDS!!
8. Let your driver know if you have eaten something other than water, tea, or coffee, so that we can make the proper adjustments.
9. Relax…. you are in good hands!!

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